Behavioral, Emotional and Developmental Information on young children

As child care providers it is important for you to be able to understand about development in young children.  This includes all aspects of development:  physical; social, emotional; and behavioral.   The goal of this website section is to provide resources for the behavior and  development of young children.  As research information has grown, we now know that:

  • Children are born “hard wired”- Children come into this world with their own biological make up and emotional make up.  These contribute to how each child reacts to the people and events in their life. 
  • Environment is important too- A child’s environment can play a huge part in their development (brain, emotional, physical and physiological).
  • Early experiences also impact emotional health- Early emotional experiences also play a huge role in their brain, emotional and body development. 

As child care providers, you have the great privilege of spending a great deal of time with young children and have the ability to help shape their future!!

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